3 Dietary Tips For Mental Clarity

Hello everybody, welcome back here to www.franktortorici.com. In today’s blog I want to address a question that came in through Facebook. Somebody asked me what are ways that can help them focus more and just help still their mind via from what they put in their mouth. They said that they definitely subscribe to the theory of food and things that we put in our body contributing to mental confusion and mental fog, etc. They wanted to know my point of view on that.

I’m doing this because obviously I think this is something that we can all benefit from. For me I think the three key things for maintaining mental clarity and stillness via food and things that we are putting in our body are one, to go on a completely gluten free diet because I think if you line ten people up, eight out of the ten or nine out of the ten have a gluten, wheat or yeast allergy and they’re not even aware of it. From a lot of research I’ve done through some medical doctors as well shows that an allergy to that type of a product can create a lot of mental fog. That’s definitely one major factor that I feel would be there.

Two, I think cleansing the colon is very important because again if we have a gluten problem or anything like that that we’re eating and ingesting and is creating an allergic reaction that we don’t necessarily feel topical but it’s creating inflammation inside, I think it’s a very important thing as well to cleanse the colon because the more toxicity we can get out of there … Think about it, your colon, anything that’s toxic in the body passes through there, that’s the cesspool of the human body. If we’re not cleansing that and rejuvenating that particular area, then you start getting backup and what not, it could cause some problems throughout the whole body.

One of the common things people say is “Oh, I have no problem going to the bathroom.” That’s not the issue here. The issue is that you get build up, you get mucoid plaque, you get impacted in there whether you go a couple of times a day or not, it still doesn’t matter. Your intestines are very long, let’s put it that way. To clear most of the gook out of there, to feel lighter and have more energy and mental clarity, it’s very important to learn ways to cleanse the colon and get that organ an oil change, if you will.

Three, I think I personally feel a big difference when I ingest foods like cayenne pepper, turmeric and ginger. Why I think that helps for clarity is because the cayenne pepper and the ginger bring heat to the body. Anything with heat stimulates blood flow through the body. I think that’s very important for all organs but you obviously would feel it for the brain too from getting more blood flow stimulating to the brain to help with the mental fog, etc. Turmeric is just a great anti-inflammatory overall so if you’re dealing with headaches or hay fever, again the mental fog thing I find that turmeric, when I juice it, helps like almost instantly where I feel this surge of just clarity as well.

Again, that’s my point of view, those are three things I think help with mental clarity is gluten free diet, cleansing the colon and incorporating more ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper to ones diet. I think those, out of those three, you can play with some of those and see what type of results you get if you’re dealing with mental fog and just feel you got too much mental chatter going on and you’re all over the place. Try those out shoot me an email, let me know how those work for you.

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