3 Foods To Help Burn Fat

Today I want to address a question that just came in recently on Facebook. It’s in regards to what are the best ways to burn fat as far as food and supplements are concerned. Well, if you live under a rock you would have no idea of all the bombarding ads we see on a daily basis of fat burning supplements that are very toxic to the liver and kidneys. The problem with a lot of fat burning supplements out on the market is they create a caffeine effect, if you will, strung out type effect, which a lot of people do not enjoy.

My theory is this; you have raspberries; raspberries are very high in a chemical compound known as ketone, K-E-T-O-N-E. That is in fact something that helps to shred fat ridiculously. Then you also have cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper has an ingredient … or I should say not an ingredient … A chemicals that’s known as C-A-P-S-A-I-C-I-N. Look that up as well. That’s found in cayenne pepper. Helps to shred fat as well off.

Another beneficial thing that I do believe is great too is getting arginine. Arginine is part of an amino acid. It’s found in branched-chain amino acids but you can find it on its own as well in liquid form, or tablet, or capsule form as well. Arginine is great way of burning fat.

Those are three things you have right there. You have raspberries, cayenne pepper, and arginine. Three ways to burn fat that will not toxifiy your liver and kidneys and other organs and you will never get a strung out type feeling on it like you would from  any of those other crappy type things that you would never want to put in your body.

I want to thank you for your time.

Peace and love.



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