A Standing Desk Made of Cardboard?

It’s been known to us that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for our bodies for a long time now. However, with increasingly sedentary jobs, we have become less and less active over the course of our daily lives. However, there are companies producing products designed to combat that very fact of life.

A sedentary lifestyle is linked to higher rates of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Humans just weren’t meant to spend a lifetime spending eight hours a day behind a desk.

Some people combat this by spending hundreds on a standing desk. Others spend thousands on a treadmill desk. However, one company is offering a solution that won’t break the bank. It costs just $25.

The device is called the Oristand. Steven Suchy, who designed the product, did so at the request of Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes, who wanted a standing desk that was affordable.

While researching, the makers of the Oristand found that alternating between sitting and standing did seem to have benefits. They then decided to come up with a design that would ease that transition.

The Oristand can be folded flat when not in use, providing for ease of transportation or stowing between desks. And at $25, it is an affordable alternative to more expensive and more cumbersome designs.

The stand is made of cardboard, but it is an industrial grade, uncoated variety. Because it is cardboard, it will break down over time. On the product’s website, it does advise not to use the frame overnight to hold heavy items and it cautions against getting it wet.

The stand weighs just two pounds and is made to accommodate a laptop and a keyboard. However, at the moment, the stand is not adjustable and does not come in different sizes. It is designed to sit atop a 29” desk or table when in use.

The Oristand is available for sale now.

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