Welcome back here to Today we’re going to touch on anti-inflammatory type of foods and herbs that you can ingest on a daily basis that can help take down any of the symptoms of arthritis or any types of joint pain, inflammation, etc.

For starters, we want to go with turmeric. Turmeric is a great root that’s used in Indian cooking for curries, that orangey-type looking spice. It’s very anti-cancer. It’s loaded with curcumin which is the anti-cancer’s property, but also again, works as a major anti-inflammatory.

Your next best bet is going to be cherries and/or cherry extract that you can find in the supplement store. Cherries, again, have massive components of anti-inflammatory properties in them. It’s very commonly used for people that suffer with arthritis. I’ve seen miracles with that with clients on a daily basis.

The next one is going to be green leafy vegetables because we need the chlorophyll going into the body to create more of an alkaline system. When the body is more alkaline unless is sick, you will have a major reduction in joint pains and inflammation and arthritis, etc.

Finally, the last one that you guys want to try to ingest on a daily basis is for vegans, flaxseed oil; and for non-vegans would be a wild salmon oil, krill oil, things of that nature. The reason why is because any of the flax, the krill or the wild salmon oil are going to be very high in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s those omega that really work as an anti-inflammatory in human body, but as well as they also help lubricate the joints, which will then help reduce any types of friction through the tendons and ligaments and the muscularture of the body so therefore you can take down the inflammation.

Again, flaxseed oil, wild salmon and krill oil, green leafy vegetables, turmeric and cherry extract. Again, if you’re looking to fight any types of inflammation or arthritis or any aches and pains, those are the types of food you want to start trying to ingest on a daily basis.

The information is vital and it can help improve the information and quality of one’s life on a daily basis.

I want to thank you guys for your time.

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