Can All Foods Be Eaten Raw?

People who want to be healthy and lose weight have one important tool in the fight: healthy eating. One of the biggest trending diets lately has been eating raw. Eating raw is just what it says: eating foods uncooked. The reports on exactly what you can eat raw and what should be cooked for the safety of your health.

Meats, Fish, and Poultry: To enjoy protein in the most healthy way, these should be baked, grilled, our sautéed. When grilling, make sure to add very little oil to the meat that you are cooking. Raw fish is a significant source of parasites and should be avoided. However, overcooking destroys vitamins B, C, and E, so avoid burning your protein.

Grains: Avoid refined flour, but eating cooked grains helps to maintain healthy blood sugar and energy levels. You should also avoid sugar and highly refined and processed carbohydrates. They tend to be high in calories and offer little to no nutrition.

Fruits: Fruits should always be eaten raw rather than cooked. Always take whole fruit over fruit juices as these have added sugars. Use fruit to sweeten yogurt. Nuts and dried fruits are great choices as well.

Vegetables: Keep the vitamins you need intact by steaming rather than boiling your veggies. Occasionally, you can enjoy stir-fried or sautéed veggies to keep fat percentages in check.

Beans: Beans need to be cooked or sprouted in order to be eaten. They help aid in digestion, but uncooked beans can be difficult to digest.

Cereals: Ready-to-eat cereals with milk or curd should be eaten on a limited basis. Use them as backup options only as they can contain hidden sourced of sugar.

Eating raw may be the latest diet trend, but keep yourself safe. Only consume foods that can be safely eaten raw to ensure you remain in optimal health and meet your health goals.

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