Can Giving up Dairy Help your Health?

When it comes to dieting to lose weight and change your body, often this comes with cutting things out of your diet. Usually beloved things like sugar, dairy, and meat are the things that people deprive themselves of in an effort to lose weight. However, for some, cutting these things out not only works, but makes them feel better.

Lindsay Tiger went home for the holidays last year and asked her mother for TUMS for Christmas. She explained to her mother that lately, after meals, she was consuming a few TUMS to settle her stomach. Her mother recommended dietary changes instead.

While she ate a balanced diet of meat and veggies, dairy was her weakness. She was always getting extra cheese and stopping for frozen yogurt and smoothies. She exercised regularly, but that did not make up for her dairy extravagances.

Tiger and her roommate decided to go on the Whole30 diet, which requires for booze, dairy, refined and processed sugars, legumes, and gluten to be eliminated from the diet for 30 days. After the 30 days has passed the foods may be added, slowly, back to the diet. The dieter should watch for any symptoms upon adding the foods back to their diet.

Tiger found that dairy was the culprit. Upon drinking a smoothie after the initial 30 day plan, she became ill and vomited. She decided to cut out dairy after seeing a doctor who declared her lactose intolerant.

Since cutting out the lactose, Tiger has reported losing 25 lbs, her acne clearing up, and her PMS symptoms subsiding. She also noted a reduction in bloating and an increase in energy. She also reports being happier as well.

Since giving up dairy, Tiger has stated that the way she feels when she does not consume dairy is far superior to any craving she might have.

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