Don’t Sabotage your Weight Loss Goals with these Mistakes

Making a New Year’s Resolution is something that many people do. Yet, many people fail to keep their resolutions. Consider what not to do before going crazy with a list of resolutions.

One mistake people make is making the resolution too broad. “Getting fit” and “losing weight” are too wide and ambiguous to be successful. Instead, define what your goals are in clear, measurable terms.

If you’re not holding yourself accountable, that is another mistake. Have a friend or family member check in with you on your progress and deliver some tough love if you’re slacking. Make carved in stone exercise dates with a friend that you can’t bail on. Making repercussions to failure will help you stick to the plan.

Making too many resolutions at once can be a roadblock to success. Resolving to give up soda, run five days a week, go gluten free, and cutting dairy from your diet all at the same time might set yourself up for disappointment. Focus on one or two goals at first. Once one goal is met, you can add or incorporate related mini goals.

Another mistake people make is not making a plan to meet their goals. Make a list of the things you can do every day to reach your goal. Include weekly or monthly milestones that you want to attain. Breaking your goal down into smaller mini-goals can help keep you feeling accomplished.

Making your goal too boring, difficult or unreachable can make it seem like a chore. It should be challenging and exciting. Instead of eating the same boring meal night after night, explore new recipes online. Find an activity that you enjoy and can stick with for exercise.

Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions shouldn’t be overly difficult or feel like your most hated chore. Tweaking things and making your goals defined yet attainable will help you keep and meet your goals.

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