Drink Real Raw Coconut Water

Welcome back here to www.franktortorici.com. How many of you guys have been caught by the coconut craze of coconut water? It’s booming, it’s a cool thing to see because when I started on this path back in June of 2000 I was having to go to the market and buy cases of young coconuts and now young coconuts are accessible in a lot of different places, which is a really cool thing. It’s also gone mainstream. But the downside of it going mainstream is that It’s complete crap. The reason why it’s complete crap is, because you guessed it its pasteurized.

When anything is pasteurized all you’re really ingesting is sugar content because the food has been exposed to heat to kill the bad bacteria, it’s also killing all the good bacteria and anything beneficial in it. If you’re caught up in the coconut craze and you love all the benefits you read about then what you need to do is go get young coconuts, crack them open yourself, pour the water out and eat the meat.

There is a brand right now that I’ve seen at Whole Foods, it’s bottled but it’s raw coconut water, I think it’s called Real Raw Coconut Water, it’s in a clear bottle with a green cap. I’m sure there are two or three other brands out there that I’ve seen. I’m not too familiar with the brands because when I do the coconut water I just crack it open myself. Again if you like all the benefits and you’re an athlete and you’re performing at high intense output levels and you need that rehydration, again coconut water is nature’s Gatorade. It’s loaded with minerals and electrolytes and then the meat is loaded with essential fatty acids, lauric acid which is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial as well.

A real coconut will go sour within 7-10 days so there’s the proof in the pudding. If you want the real results, you need to drink the real thing.

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