Drumming and Aerobics?

Workouts often combine things in an effort to get people fit. Carrying weights while walking, for example, can up the intensity. However, one exercise studio in Rome, New York, is combining drumming with exercise to make a workout fun and calorie torching.

Pound is the newest exercise class taught at Studio 55. Attendees sit on yoga mats with green drumsticks in hand.

Although you won’t learn proper drumming techniques, Pound will imbue you with a sense of rhythm as you move and slam drumsticks to the beat of the music. Faster and slower-paced sections create a nuanced workout.

Pound was first started by Cristina Peerenboom and Kristen Potenza, both drummers who discovered what a workout drumming could be when a drumming stool broke during a jam session.

According to the instructor, Shannon DiNigro Enders, participants can burn an amazing 900 calories in a one-hour session.

“If you’re totally distracted drumming and being with the group, you almost forget, almost, that you’re exercising,” said Enders.

By the end of the hour-long class, you will have used your sticks a total of 15,000 times.

Enders says that the routine is completely modifiable and she’s seen entire families come in to take part. One routine uses a slow song as a focal point as you lie on your back with your legs at an angle as you continue to use the sticks in hand.

Is there a downside to Pound?

Just one and it’s relatively minor. The class can get really loud.

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