Welcome back here to  I just wanted to plant the seed for everyone. How many of you eat with an intention? Now, I’m not talking about eating with an intention because it’s breakfast, lunch time, or dinner time. I’m actually talking about eating with an in-depth intention. What I mean by that is, when you really understand the medicinal properties of foods and herbs you shift the way you plan your meals.

I’ve just come across so many people on a daily basis that eat to be social or eat because of what time the clock says it is. Not because, A, they feel that their body is even hungry, or, B, they’re eating things that they feel that their body needs at that present moment.

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say, for example, it’s summertime now, and you feel very hot all the time. Well, eating high, heavy, fattening, heavy foods to digest is not necessarily going to be the best thing to cool your body temperature down.

Great foods for cooling down is celery, cucumbers, watermelon; things of that nature to bring down the body temperature, to cool down. If you have a sore throat, instead of sucking on Hall’s and toxic candies like that, make a juice, put some fresh ginger in it. Put some jalapeno pepper. Put some garlic. You can even put some onion if you’re brave enough. Anything with heat, in Chinese medicine, is known to purify the blood and kill any types of infections or bacteria. Very simple.

What else? If you’re feeling on edge a lot, and you’re having problems sleeping, upping your healthy fats is going to help. Great food sources of that would be olives, avocados, raw organic grass fed milk or cheese. Anything with magnesium in that sense is going to help calm the body down and calm the system down.

One last one I can think of is, if you’re lacking energy and you’re just simply tired, there’s so many things, toxic things, for energy, like coffee and stimulants and fat burners. Get that out of your system. Why not introduce foods that are high in chlorophyll, like spinach, kale, chard? Mixing that into a juice, chlorophyll is energy processed through … the sunlight into a plant, so, if it can do that through a plant it’s most certainly going to do that to the human body. Maca root is another great thing for energy,deer antler and cordycep mushrooms.

Again, it’s eating with an intention, not just eating because the clock says it’s a certain time and you need to go be social. I think, if everyone started eating with an intention, we would see a major shift in society’s dependency on big pharma’s drugs and more dependent on local farmer’s foods. Something to think about.

Peace and Love

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