Exercise and Sleep Lead to Better Home Life

Everyone has experienced stress on the job at some time or another. From impossible deadlines to even more impossible co-workers, stress at work seems to be something that is unavoidable. However, Entrepreneur reports that there may be a way to prevent you from bringing that stress home to your loved ones.

The Journal of Applied Psychology recently published a study that shows two key things can make great strides in not only making you feel better but also ensures that workplace stress doesn’t affect your family life. These two things are exercise and sleep.

Three universities had researchers team up and asked over one-hundred MBA students who also worked full time to wear activity monitors for a week. These researchers also surveyed the people the students lived with.

The study had some pretty amazing findings. Burning just 537 calories a day can help shake off a bad day. It can also prevent a person from bringing work issues home. Students who took more than 10,000 steps were less likely to vent their frustrations at home. Those who took less than 7,000 steps were more likely to take a bad day out on their families.

Increased activity also translated into getting a better night’s sleep. This, in turn, also meant that the students also took workplace stresses home less often than those who did not exercise and get a good night’s sleep.

The conclusion? If workplace stress has you down, get active and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll feel better and so will your loved ones.

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