FDA Approves GMO Salmon for Sale

Most health conscious people advocate for GMO-free organic foods. Foods containing GMOs are considered to be less healthy than their non-organic counterparts by many people, but the FDA has long approved foods containing GMOs. However, this is the first time they’ve approved genetically modified meat.

Recently, the FDA approved genetically modified salmon as safe for consumption. This move has alarmed several agencies that advocate for consumer safety. One such group, the Center for Food Safety, plans on filing a lawsuit against the FDA in the wake of the decision.

The company producing the genetically modified fish is called AquaBounty. Headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts, the company will produce the fish in two hatcheries which are located in Canada and Panama. The fish will be sold under the label AquAdvantage.

In short, the fish will be capable of surviving at low temperatures, grow faster, and require less food than the fish that went into the creation of the hybrid salmon. The FDA states that the hybrid fish is fit for human consumption and the nutritional value is the same as farm-raised Atlantic Salmon.

AquaBounty has been fighting for the approval of the product for nearly two decades.

Fishermen and environmental groups are expected to resist the approval. Both groups feel that these new fish can contaminate wild populations if they were to escape. The wild Atlantic salmon is already a protected species.

AquaBounty countered this objection by claiming that it would only grow and harvest sterile females that would be incapable of breeding if they somehow were introduced to wild populations.

Do you think that GMO fish is another step down a slippery slope to poor nutritional health? We’ll be keeping an eye on this new development. If you need help changing your diet or exercise routine to meet your health goals, contact Frank Tortorici today.

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