Float Tanks aka Sensory Deprivation Tank

Hello guys, welcome back here to www.franktortorici.com. I wanted to share my experience. I just recently about a month ago and I’ve been hooked on it ever since, did my first sensory deprivation, AKA float tank. I had my first experience, and needless to say it was pretty amazing. For those of you who don’t know, float tank. Well, there’s tons of different setups of it. The one I did looked like a clam shell, and it reminded me of an old school tanning bed. It was a clam shell, and it was about a foot to a foot and a half of water, and to my knowledge it was about 1,000 pounds of epsom salt in there. You get in there, you could either wear a bathing suit or go nude.

You have the option to keep light music on, and/or you have an option as well to keep a light on. Usually in this tank, this is the only one I’ve used so far, you have a knob, and you’re able to press it and it gives you a green violet light in there, a blue, an orange sunset, then you can go dark. What is it exactly? Well basically when you get into this tank, the temperature of the water and the air in there is all the same of body temperature. The effect of the sensory deprivation is caused from that, so you’re able to float in this water effortlessly. It creates the whole Dead Sea effect.

You just lay in there, you float, they give you some earplugs for the water because you are on your back, and you basically float. That’s pretty much it, but what happens is, you’ve got to remember, because of all the salt in there, there’s definitely a high magnesium content in the water there. You’re able to float effortlessly, and by doing that, every single muscle and ligament in your body is completely relaxed. The whole idea is to get you back to what it was like to be in your mother’s womb. Obviously there’s zero effort to so anything but just to lie there. From my experience, I noticed I had a moment where when I was laying there, I lost my senses, and mission accomplished then.

I really couldn’t tell whether or not if I was laying down or if I was even standing. You literally feel like you leave your body because your actual physical body becomes one with the water and with the air because it’s all the same temperature. It’s a pretty cool experience, so a lot of athletes are starting to come forward and claiming that they use it for recovery, because again, every single muscle in the body is completely relaxed. People dealing with muscle aches or sleep issues, again the magnesium content in there is going to reap a lot of benefits. Then also from the spiritual realm, and when you’re laying there and you’re pretty lifeless and one with the water and with the air, I haven’t had it yet but I have heard so many different testimonies of outer body experiences.

I definitely do resonate with the idea of laying in the float tank helps stimulate the pineal gland, the third eye, which is right in here. The reason being is because again, because you lose all of your senses there. It’s basically you’re just in tune with your mind and you don’t feel anything with your body, hence the sensory deprivation title to the process. What else can I say about it? I’ve noticed I feel more relaxed after I do it, I feel more focused. I also even notice during my workouts the day after I do it, I definitely feel like I’m able to hit a higher pace and higher volume with whatever it is that I’m doing, because it feels like the recovery is so quicker due to that relaxation of laying in there for an hour.

These are definitely popping up more and more. They’re not that easily accessible, which is the downside, but hopefully the movement is growing. That’s why I wanted to put a video like this on my channel, because there is information out there. I figure the more that we put stuff out there, the more there’ll be a demand and we’ll have easier access to this beautiful technology. That’s pretty much it, sensory deprivation, AKA the float tank. I highly recommend anyone checking it out. I did not feel claustrophobic, I did not get restless. It’s a pretty blissful experience.

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