No Good Argument Against Organic Food

I find it funny how there is still a debate about whether or not organic food is better for you or not. Take a look at this recent article that tries to weighs the pros and cons of eating organic. It’s pretty instructive about the state of the argument these days.

The arguments for organic food are clear. You don’t have to worry about ingesting pesticide residues that can build up in the body and cause toxic reactions. The food also has more nutrition. In order for a plant to resist diseases and pests without pesticides, it needs to have enough nutrition in the soil to support health. It’s just like how people get sick more often if all they eat is junk food or can’t get enough of a particular vitamin. Healthier overall plants means a healthier meal for you.

But look at the arguments against in the article. Most are, well, silly. Yes, it is more expensive, but you’re either paying the farmer now or the doctor later if you eat standard produce. And misshapen fruits and vegetables? You’d be surprised at how much produce gets tossed because it doesn’t meet a certain look, a look that has zero effect on the nutrition.

The one good argument is a lack of what constitutes organic food. You should check with federal and state laws about organic certification and find out the guidelines. The U.S. has gotten pretty good about proper labeling for most things, but you should still be aware.

And that thing at the end about eating local? That’s an entirely different subject separate from the organic argument.

In short, don’t let arguments about how pretty your fruit are or the cost of organic food sway you from making a healthy choice for you and your family. At the very least, you can get a list of the crops that use the most pesticides and avoid eating non-organic versions of those. For more information, give me a call and I’ll be glad to give you a nutritional assessment.

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