Parkinson’s Kept at Bay with Exercise

Maintaining a good attitude might be difficult for someone with a disease like Parkinson’s. Yet that good attitude, along with a healthy dose of exercise is helping one man keep the disease at bay.

John Ferry has been battling Parkinson’s for the better part of a decade. Despite knowing that there is no cure for the debilitating illness, Ferry maintains a light-hearted attitude.

He knows he cannot beat it, but he also knows that there are ways to slow it down.

Ferry’s symptoms began when he was in his late 50s. He then worked for a company that served as a go-between for companies like Disney and Nickelodeon and manufacturers of apparel.

He began walking off balance and an emergency room visit resulted in the misdiagnosis of a mini-stroke.

Yet, instead of recovering, the next few months saw a continual downhill slide in his health. He would next be misdiagnosed with Lyme disease. It would take a year for a correct diagnosis of Parkinson’s to be made.

Ferry said the best part is that so far, he has been pain free. The worst part is the insomnia that has come with the disease.

One of the primary things that Ferry has found helps him to keep upbeat is physical activity through exercise.

Ferry takes daily walks and works out with a personal trainer once per week. He couples that with yoga and boxing, allowing him to maintain a healthy exercise routine.

Exercise, medication, physical therapy, and a positive outlook are the tools that Ferry says are helping him to deal with Parkinson’s. He believes these are the key to battling the disease.

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