Walking is the Best Medicine

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said that walking is the best medicine. There’s a lot of scientific evidence today that this was correct. Walking is one of the safest and best exercises for overall health, but thanks to our sedentary lifestyles we don’t walk nearly as much as we used to. Adding just a little bit more walking into our lives can cut our chance of sudden death by 15-30 percent according to some studies.

Some people look down on walking because it isn’t intense enough, but for someone who is obese or generally sedentary then more intense forms of exercise can actually be unsafe. Plus, just the act of walking itself can be quite a workout if you have a lot of extra weight. Try wearing a 50 pound weight vest and go for a walk and you’ll quickly find out.

Try going for a walk for a half hour a day for two months and I’ll bet you’ll see some definite health benefits from your efforts, like better cardiovascular capacity, more energy, and a better mood. With this foundation in place, then you can move on to more intense forms of exercise depending on your fitness goals.

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