Willpower Doesn’t Make you Lose Weight

Weight loss has both a physical component and a mental component. Your body is essentially a dumb machine. Barring genetic factors or medications with weight-gain side effects, as long as you give the body less food than you need to maintain your current weight, while also giving it healthy food and enough water, you will lose weight. However, it is the mental side that pushes us to raid the fridge when hunger is too strong.

It’s not a matter of willpower either. Willpower is a depletable resource according to the latest research. Mere will isn’t enough to keep you on a diet for the long-term, which is why so many diets fail. Instead, new habits have to be wired into the brain. The best way to do this is to locate the triggers that send you to the chips and donuts and instead use those triggers to signal new activities that give you the same reward. This takes some introspection and even a few false starts, but if you put your willpower towards this instead of just resisting your brain, you’ll soon find yourself using your mind for your weight loss rather than against it.

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