Client Reviews

Frank is really awesome! I work with frank as my strength and conditioning coach for boxing as I am a professional boxer! he really knows his stuff, he has great energy and really pushes you to get what you need out of the workout he attacks the workout from all aspects and I love working out with as it’s always fun! Would recommend all the time and to add to his knowledge he is also a great guy who you will have fun with as well as getting a g rest workout in!

– Jamie S.

Frank is the real deal. Hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with. He is a wealth of knowledge about nutrition as well of helping me out with a previous injury. He is patient and supportive and I can’t recommend him enough!!!!!

– Staci A.

I cannot be more grateful that I found Frank … he has truly saved me from wasting my health away … being so frustrated from failed crash diets I was mentally drained and turned physically dormant … realizing I had to do something I contacted Frank … I was really nervous my first session but he totally put me at ease … super easy to get along with and has a great attitude … he always gives me an awesome workout, and with lots of variations so I never get bored … pushes me when he knows I can do more and never lets me give up on myself … his no nonsense attitude is encouraging and really gets me motivated … there is also a whole other level with Frank’s training … he will teach you about proper nutrition with real foods and change your whole way of eating … and I mean he really takes the time to explain the different types of foods that are good for you, he doesn’t just hand you some pre-printed stuff off the internet … and once you get to know him, you will understand all about having your body in an alkaline state! Frank is the real deal all around … he is a life changer.

– Christina J.

Frank is simply THE BEST trainer EVER!!!! He got me in the best shape and condition of my life. I never felt more healthier than when I was training with him!! The results of the combination between the workout itself and a clean diet that HE put together especially for me were AMAZING!! He is very dedicated, professional and he definitely knows his business. I think one of the reasons everybody loves Frank, is not only because of his immense knowledge about fitness and nutrition but his sincere desire of helping people to live a better, healthier and happier life. He truly cares about every single client of his. Frank will definitely change your life style for GOOD!!!

– Juvy A.

If you are a busy creative professional like myself and you are looking to balance your body and soul – All I can say is get Frank Tortorici and you’ll see the light! Everything you want in a trainer, smart, on-point, easy to work with, most important – Results! Give him a shot!

– Chiun-Kai S.

Frank’s techniques and methods are transforming my body and nutritional intake. For the first time in my life, I am seeing amazing results and I truly believe its because of Franks passion and commitment to helping each one of his clients. If I could give him more stars I could. If you want the best of the best, Frank is your guy.

– Emmanuel D.