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Frank Tortorici

You know that working out regularly and eating healthy are keys to a better life, but you can’t seem to make the necessary changes you need to lose those extra pounds.

But the truth is that those extra pounds aren’t just affecting your body, your extra weight is affecting your health.

It’s the reason you struggle to make difficult decisions at work and it’s the reason why you aren’t enjoying time with your friends and family.

You need to make a holistic change. You need one of the best personal trainers in Toluca Lake.

Frank Tortorici is a skilled Toluca Lake fitness trainer and holistic wellness coach who can help you make the changes you desperately need.

It’s time to stop going up a size, it’s time to start eating organic and Non-GMO foods. It’s time to start living.

Call Frank now at 323-839-0868 and get your free 30 minute consultation.

Change your life with the best personal trainer in Toluca Lake, CA.


What makes Frank’s training services so effective and keeps his clients coming back is his emphasis on a total change, mind, body and spirit.

His focus on functional fitness means that you’ll be practicing workouts that’ll not only help you shed those pounds, but will also make your daily life easier.

Frank’s functional fitness workouts have been proven to make daily tasks like lifting, climbing and even walking easier. Working with Frank, you can say goodbye to those embarrassing clothes and that sluggish demeanor.

Additionally, Frank is one of Toluca Lake’s best holistic wellness coaches. Working with him, you’ll learn how to buy and prepare healthy foods to put inside of your body.

It’s time to take charge of your health today. Call Frank at 323-839-0868 for your free 30 minute consultation.

What you can expect


Due to Frank’s holistic approach to training, when you call you’ll be given a free 30 minute consultation to help build a personalized training plan for you.

During the call Frank will ask you various questions pertaining to things like your height, age, previous injuries, physical limitations, stressors, lifestyle, goals, eating habits, dietary restrictions and much more.

From there, Frank will create a personalized training plan for you. You’ll be introduced to a myriad of exercises, keeping functional fitness in mind.

Frank’s workouts are always tailored toward the individual and his functional fitness approach is designed to make your everyday life easier while reducing injuries.

Workouts aside, Frank is one of Toluca Lake’s best holistic wellness coaches who can help you choose the right foods to put into your body.

Common nutritional and holistic topics that Frank covers with his clients include:

  • Superfoods
  • How to live a gluten free lifestyle
  • Raw foods and Paleo Diet
  • Natural cures for common aliments
  • Exercising as a means of self-realization
  • Foods that build muscle
  • What to consume to accelerate your metabolism
  • Strength conditioning and muscle toning
  • Kettle Bell and Medicine Ball workouts

This is what you’ve been waiting for, let Frank help you change your life by calling him at 323-839-0868 today.

Living a holistically healthy life in Toluca Lake


It’s inevitable. As your body changes so will your lifestyle, luckily Toluca Lake is the perfect place to live an active and healthy life.

For instance, once you learn about the benefits of drinking pressed fruits and vegetables you might want to grab a fresh pressed Harmony juice from Kreation Juice. The sweet and savory ingredients work to do things like soothe tense muscles, help digestion and boost immunity.

If you’re in the mood to make your own healthy food then on Sundays you can take a stroll down to the Toluca Lake Farmer’s Market. It offers an amazing selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as easy and fun recipes.

Or, if you don’t feel like cooking, on a Saturday afternoon you can stop into The Counter for an organic grass-fed bison burger salad bowl.

If you want to experience the culture of Toluca Lake, you may even decide to take a light jog down Riverside drive.

Living in Toluca Lake, the options are unlimited. Call Frank today to make a change and start enjoying your neighborhood.

Start your journey with the best personal trainer in Toluca Lake now

Leave the diet and workout trends behind. In order to feel good inside and out and make the most of your life you need a personal trainer in Toluca Lake who will help you holistically.

Frank is that guy. Call him today at 323-839-0868.

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