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Frank Tortorici, a muscularly built man, crosses his arms and looks on confidently.

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Frank Tortorici:
Virtual Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Frank Tortorici: A muscularly built personal trainer

We’ve all been there: at the end of the day, there just seems like there’s not enough time to invest in your personal wellness goals. With Frank Tortorici as your virtual personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach, you can make a difference for your health on YOUR schedule. Train from home, from your hotel, from the local gym...anywhere you go, you can take your virtual personal trainer with you!

Are you ready to take control of your health? With his holistic approach to wellness, let Frank Tortorici guide your wellness journey to a healthier body and mind. Frank is a professional virtual personal trainer and holistic lifestyle coach extraordinaire. With his help, you can achieve real results that won’t just disappear. Frank Tortorici will teach you how to take the things you learn in training and apply them to your lifestyle, creating a happier, healthier future!

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Studio City Personal Trainer
Frank Tortorici

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Do you live in Studio City? Are you trying to shed a few pounds? These days it seems like there are a million crash diets and fitness trends that claim to work wonders but instead leave you with the same results.

By now, you know that exercising and eating healthy is the right thing to do, but what you may not know is that being out of shape is impacting more than just your physical appearance.

The truth of the matter is that your unhealthy lifestyle is the reason why it’s so difficult to feel confident about yourself. It’s the reason why you sometimes struggle to make complicated business decisions and it’s why you can’t enjoy fun activities with your friends and family.

Your unhealthy lifestyle is the number one reason why it’s so difficult for you to feel good about yourself, not just physically but mentally as well.

It’s time to take a holistic approach to your health with the help of one of the best personal trainers in Studio City, California.

Frank Tortorici, a holistic celebrity fitness trainer, can help you change that.

Frank has been voted one of the best personal trainers in Studio City, California and with his help you can stop feeling sluggish and tired in the boardroom, stop second guessing your abilities, and finally stop going up a size in your custom suits.

It’s time to take control. Make the healthy choice now and call Frank Tortorici at 323-839-0868 for a free one-on-one consultation.

What are you waiting for?


Frank Tortorici is a personal trainer in Studio City who is committed to getting you on the right track towards a healthier life, holistically.

Frank’s focus on functional fitness means that not only will you be in shape, but you’ll be prepared to tackle your daily tasks with ease. His approach means that there will be no more sluggish days and no more embarrassing clothes. Frank’s tailored approach will give you a healthier body and a chance to truly enjoy all that California has to offer.

Additionally, Frank is a holistic lifestyle & nutritional coach committed to teaching you how to choose the best foods possible.

You deserve to look and feel your best. The first step is to call Frank now at 323-839-0868.

What to expect from working with a celebrity personal trainer in Studio City


Because of Frank’s holistic approach to a healthier life, when you call you’ll be given a personalized, 30 minute consultation for free.

During the consultation Frank will assess your age, weight, height, eating habits, injuries, physical limitations, dietary restrictions, lifestyle, stressors, goals and much more.

After your consultation Frank’s fitness training plan will introduce you to a variety of exercises, with an emphasis on functional fitness, body sculpting, bodybuilding and weight loss. Your workouts will be tailored to fit your needs and designed to make everyday activities easier, while reducing injuries.

Additionally, Frank is an experienced trainer and nutritionist who will help you get the most out of your food.

Common topics that Frank covers with his clients include:

What makes Studio City, California a great place to live a healthy lifestyle?

Believe it or not, Studio City is the perfect place to change your bad habits. For instance, as you grow healthier, you can take nice long hikes at Fryman Canyon Park, or view some of the beautiful scenery at the Universal City Overlook.

As you learn more about nutrition and a healthy diet, you can also check out some of the surprisingly delicious vegan and gluten-free restaurants in Studio City. On Saturday nights you can experience flavorful dishes like Sun Cafe’s raw organic pesto pizza or Hugo’s famous organic egg omelettes.

On Sunday’s you might find yourself picking out fresh, organic grown fruits and vegetables at the Studio City Farmer’s Market. You may even pick up some new, healthy recipes as well.

With all that Studio City has to offer, why wait another minute? Call Frank now and start enjoying your neighborhood today.

Contact Frank Tortorici Today!

Forget about the diet and workout trends. Now is the time to transform your life holistically, so that you can have long-lasting results in your business and personal life.

If you’re ready to make a total body change, then call Frank at 323-839-0868.

About Frank

He was born and raised on Long Island, NY in an environment of a loving extended family. Yet with all the visual love surrounding him as a youngster, there lied a pain and darkness he shared with no one. It was the constant nagging symptoms that his family would come to learn as Tourette’s Syndrome (TS).

As a child he felt helpless, constantly being prescribed various medications to subside the symptoms. None seemed to work and even then, Frank Tortorici often thought there had to be a better way.

At the age of 15, Frank Tortorici had entered an all natural body building contest. He quickly discovered that working-out had an incredible calming effect on his body. The impact immediately triggered an understanding and belief in him that healing can be brought to the human body. He began to exercise regularly and it had its benefits. However, the ‘bad tic’ days, begin to bring about obsessive thoughts. His body physically and mind mentally felt like they had simultaneously run for hours.

Frank was later introduced to a gluten-free way of living as an alternative supplement which he started to see results fast, as it helped to eliminate yeast growth in the intestines. He began researching and learned how to treat Tourette’s holistically; and that Candida- (a yeast-like fungal organism) is caused by such things as sugar, antibiotics and alcohol, which were attributing to ‘his’ symptoms. For the next few years Frank began to eat vegetarian, raw/vegan and conscious carnivorous.

Frank Tortorici now lives in Los Angeles, CA and has a satellite office in Newark, New Jersey, along with a facility in North, Hollywood Los Angeles, CA where he offers a multitude of services both publicly and privately. Certified through the American Council of Exercise, Crossfit Kettlebell and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition he gives his clients; some with neurological disorders an alternative – even if only it offers a healthier way of supplementing their living condition(s).

Got Greens?

“Growing up I was told that pasteurized milk and juices did a body good. Now that I am wiser, for the last 15 years I prefer to drink RAW ORGANIC GREEN JUICE. Loaded with amino acids, minerals and enzymes my body gets all the necessary compounds it needs.”

– Frank Tortorici

Frank Tortorici drinking his personal blend of Green Juice

Pay the Farmer Now
- Or -
Pay the Doctor Later

"I am here to work with clients that are on a mission to implement fitness and vital foods as a way of life."
- Frank Tortorici