5 Cancer Fighting Foods

Today we’re touching on foods that actually help prevent and kill cancer cells in the human body, that’s right prevent and kill cancer cells in the human body. We are briefly a rundown, what we want to ingest on a daily basis is 1) ginger root. Here’s ginger root, it’s a little bit lighter and you can see the inside of it, it’s got a yellowish look to it. Ginger has been known to reduce prostate cancer cells in laboratory mice up to 56%.

It’s obviously is spicy, so it’s great for killing bacteria in the intestines or fighting any types of colds. The next one is turmeric root. Turmeric as you can see looks very similar to ginger, because they’re both from the root family. Turmeric, if I break this here, you’ll see it’s got an orangey look to the inside of it. The active component in turmeric root is curcumin , curcumin has been known to kill cancer cells in laboratory mice again by up to 85-90%. It’s very potent.

Turmeric is used in a lot of Indian cooking for that curry type vibe. My best piece of advice is for these 2 things is juice them. I make 1 to 2 juices everyday with turmeric and ginger in it, also adds a really great taste to any type of a juice. The next one is going to be apricot kernels, apricot seeds. Reason why? Apricot seeds, kernels, are loaded with vitamin B-17, otherwise known as laetrile.

Long list of healing properties and modalities, tons of people have found massive success when fighting different types of cancers when using apricot kernels. Again, do the research, not making any claims here this is just scientific evidence. The next one is going to be cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper, is loaded with antioxidants, again loaded with spice and heat, so it’s going to kill a lot of bacteria, infections, and also fighting against free radicals. Then your last one is going to be garlic.

Garlic pretty much works the same way as the ginger and the turmeric root. It’s been known to shrink tumors, it is anti-cancerous, anti-viral, anti-fungal. The ginger, and the garlic, and cayenne pepper are great during flu season or any types of colds, bronchitis, head colds etc. In Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, they are believe to help purify the blood, knock out any type of infections. Again, you heard it here live, these are the foods that you want to ingest on a daily basis to prevent and or treat any types of cancers in the human body. We’ve got ginger, we’ve got turmeric, we’ve got garlic, and we’ve got apricot seeds, and cayenne pepper.

Peace and love


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