Coffee & Being Alkaline

Hello everybody! Welcome back here to . I know there’s a lot of different research out there; people have been drinking coffee for a long time. There’s benefits, there’s not benefits, but at the end of the day when we’re talking acid-alkaline principles, the human body wards off and disease cannot form in an alkaline system, so when you start pumping cup after cup of coffee which is purely acidic and then you start adding animal proteins to it like milk, butter nowadays, yeah it may slow the release of the caffeine by adding the butter but you’re tripling the amount of acid in that product which in return can create a very acidic bloodstream.

Again, a lot of those people who are doing the whole butter and coffee are eating a high protein diet as well, and as we all know – and we’re back to the acid-alkaline principles – all animal proteins are acidic to the human body. I don’t care if it’s organic, grass-fed, local, free-range, whatever, it is acidic to the blood, so if you’re not balancing it out with a lot of leafy greens, root vegetables, sea vegetables, fermented vegetables, you’re in trouble if you’re doing a very high protein diet when we’re on the topic of acid and alkaline principles. Now when you throw that coffee in there, you’re just upping the amount of acid in your bloodstream.

That’s pretty much it. Cut out the coffee, drink more alkaline water with lemon in the morning, if you want to do some decaffeinated tea, green tea, or ginger tea from Yogi, add the lemon, add the apple cider vinegar, add some cinnamon, some raw honey; that’s going to get you going. It’s going to alkalize your blood and that’s what we need because when we exercise we’re producing acid in our muscles.

We are oxygenating the blood by just breathing and by working out, but then after the workout if we’re putting in proteins and synthetic protein shakes, we’re just upping the acid levels in our bloodstream, and again, the rule of thumb is all disease thrives in an acid system, so you guys need to start balancing out the acid alkaline principles, they’ve been around for a very long time and they do work and there’s a lot of truth to them; I suggest you research them.

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