Even a Little Exercise is Good for Seniors

Being able to get around easily – to walk across a parking lot or climb a set of stairs – is something that the young take for granted.

When mobility becomes compromised, an elderly person can begin to feel depressed and isolated. Seniors with trouble getting around are more likely to end up in nursing homes and die earlier than those who have no difficulty in getting around.

Of those 65-years-old and older, 17% are unable to walk even a quarter mile. Another 28% can, but find it difficult to accomplish.

After a fall or hip replacement surgery, if you begin getting physical activity on a regular basis, you are less likely to develop a permanent disability. This is according to the findings of a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The study focused on individuals at high risk of mobility problems: men and women aged 70 to 89 who were sedentary.

Half of the group attended 26 weekly health education classes followed by monthly seminars. The other half spent an hour primarily walking twice weekly at a clinic and followed that with at-home exercise.

The group that focused on walking, strength, and balance exercises were 25% less likely than the group that only attended educational seminars to have difficulty with mobility over a period of three years. They recovered more quickly from episodes of being unable to walk and were less likely to experience issues after the recovery period.

The best advice that can be taken away from the study: don’t become sedentary. Any exercise is better than none, especially with seniors.

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