How Much Cardio Is Too Much?

When it comes to health and fitness, few would argue that running is a great exercise. However, the debate is not whether running is a good exercise. The debate lies more in how far one should run or how long.

In a review of recent studies that measured how effective running was at maintaining good health, a report finds that those who run at least 5-6 miles reaped the same health benefits as those who ran longer.

Running that distance in just one or two excursions reduced the risk of cancers, stroke, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. This was in comparison to people who jogged less or not at all.

When the effect of running on cardiovascular mortality and death from any cause was researched, those who laced up for at least five to six miles a week had the same risk as those who ran more often.

Of course, if you’re running to lose weight, the same logic applies. More steps equates to more calories burned, so running further or more often may help you meet your goals faster. However, for those pushing themselves to go further in pursuit of optimal health, they can ease up a bit.

The recommended weekly amount of vigorous exercise according to the government is 75 minutes per week.

If you’re wondering what the ideal amount of running is to assure cardiac health, science has an answer. “Running for 20 to 30 minutes, or about a mile and a half to three miles, twice per week would appear to be perfect,” says Carl J. Lavie. Lavie is the review’s lead author and the medical director of cardiac rehabilitation and prevention at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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