Is your Social Life giving you Jet Lag?

Diet and exercise are both important factors to achieving health and fitness goals. However, something else is equally as important to your overall health: sleep. The quality, quantity, and consistency of the amount of sleep you get is important.

Health professionals have known for awhile that sleep deprivation and interrupted sleep are bad for your health. New research shows that consistency is also an important factor for your sleep needs. A new study published in The Endocrine Society states that the health of your heart depends on a good night’s sleep.

The study investigated the effect of “social jet lag,” a condition that occurs when a person’s sleep schedule during the week varies widely from the one they keep over the weekend. Sampling nearly 450 men and women, the study found some interesting results. Those with the most erratic sleep schedules had more indicators of poor health. These people tended to have higher cholesterol and higher blood sugar levels.

The overall results were clear on the fact that a varied sleep schedule affected health. However, even just one off night could negatively impact a person’s health in these indicators. With the holiday season approaching – the time of parties, dinners, and merriment, it is important to try and keep your schedule as consistent as possible.

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