Resistance Bands Can Be Dangerous

Exercise is important at all ages, but it must be done in a safe manner. Every year there are many new gimmicky tools out there that are supposed to make exercise more effective, safer, more fun, or anything better than our old memories of drudging through gym class.

But not all devices are safe. Senator Harry Reid just recently filed a lawsuit against the makers of Theraband. The band apparently slipped out of his hand, whipped around, and struck him in the side. It caused vision loss and a few broken ribs! He believes that the product wasn’t safe.

Resistance bands can be used safely. Physical therapists use them all the time to rehabilitate people. But there is some training to use them effectively. Just like a stretched rubber band it can snap back. There must have been quite a lot of pressure on the band to crack ribs though, or it was an especially tight band!

Before you run out to try the latest fitness gizmo, you should speak to someone with a background in fitness to get their thoughts on how effective it might be. But why not give tried and true methods a try first? Frank Tortorici can help you get back in shape, fix your nutrition, and help you achieve the body you want to have. Call today.

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