Water can Make you Lose Weight

People all over the planet are trying to find out quick ways to lose weight. The surest way to lose weight is through diet and exercise, especially diet. While we’re big proponents of organic food and vital eating, even a small simple change can be enough to start you off on the right foot on your weight-loss journey. Even just drinking water at the right time.

Researches at the University of Birmingham completed a 12 week study about the effects of water on weight loss. Researchers split 84 obese people into two groups. One group drank 500ml (a little over two cups) of water thirty minutes before each meal. Only plain water was allowed, not flavored or sparkling water. The second group was told to imagine themselves being full before eating. Both groups also received diet and nutrition advice prior to the study.

At the end of the study, those who drank the water averaged about 3 pounds more weight lost than the control group. Additionally, those who stuck rigorously to the protocol lost an average of 9.48 pounds over the 12 weeks! Considering a healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week, this is a significant boost to weight loss efforts!

Are you drinking enough water? As we get older we need more water because our tissues naturally dry out. Contact Frank Tortorici for a consultation about your health and fitness. If you want to get your health back in line, we can help.

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